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We specialize in comprehensive restaurant grease trap cleaning and maintenance services. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering prompt and dependable services precisely when you need them.

Reliable Grease Trap Pumping Services for Your Restaurant

If you’re the proud owner of a restaurant, the manager of a bustling commercial kitchen, or even share kitchen space, you’re well aware of the critical role a dependable grease removal service plays in keeping things running smoothly. Our dedicated team is here to provide you with a level of cleaning services that you can truly rely on.

Our team of experienced professionals fully grasps the importance of maintaining a kitchen environment that’s not only safe but also clean and free from unpleasant odors. Regularly scheduled grease trap cleaning isn’t just about maintaining a pleasant atmosphere; it’s a key component in helping you meet essential environmental compliance standards. Our utmost priority is to ensure your facility passes inspections with flying colors.

Many thriving quick-service restaurants and bustling commercial kitchens face the inevitable reality of dealing with used cooking oil. The proper disposal of this oil isn’t just essential for your business but also for our precious environment. Depending on your geographical location, there are stringent laws governing the correct disposal of grease. Failing to adhere to these regulations can have dire consequences, including failed inspections, business shutdowns, and hefty fines.

Simply pouring used cooking oil down the drain might seem like an easy solution, but it can turn into a big problem eventually as the fog, or fats, oils, and grease will collect and result in a clogged drain that can really cause a major headache. This careless act can lead to the clogging of drain lines, causing blockages, backups, and creating hazardous conditions for your kitchen staff. Moreover, these external backups pose significant risks not only to your dedicated staff but also to the safety of the public at large.

At Longview Environmental, we offer you a comprehensive solution that makes your life easier while promoting responsible and eco-friendly practices. We go above and beyond by providing not just free containment for your used cooking oil but also by organizing scheduled, recurring pickups. This means you can focus your energy on efficiently managing your kitchen operations without the added worry of handling or disposing of used oil. We’re here to support your success and make a positive impact on the environment by ensuring responsible and eco-conscious practices. Call us today!

Our Grease Trap Services

We have been delivering exceptional grease trap cleaning services to a wide range of establishments, including restaurants, popup kitchens, commercial kitchens, ghost kitchens, and shared culinary spaces. We take our job seriously, treat all of our customers with respect, always work hard to be on time and do what we say we are going to do. Our team is professional and focused on making our customers happy.


At Longview Environmental we offer expert installation services for both interior and exterior grease traps. Our professionals possess a wealth of experience and technical know-how, ensuring that the installation process is executed seamlessly and efficiently.


Over time, grease traps can wear down and may require repairs or even replacement. Our skilled technicians will conduct a thorough inspection and provide you with a detailed report. We understand the importance of time and always strive to deliver the best solutions.


Based on factors like your establishment type, location, menu offerings, and volume, we will recommend the right services for you. To ensure proper preventative maintenance, we suggest combining our waste oil pickup service with grease trap cleaning.


Without regular preventative maintenance, costly emergency situations can arise unexpectedly. Our dedicated technicians are prepared to handle emergency situations and provide quick assistance to get your kitchen back in order.


In addition to routine cleanups and scheduled maintenance, we conduct site surveys and thorough inspections to help you establish a solid preventative maintenance plan that will help keep your kitchen running smoothly.


Kitchen drain lines often get clogged due to the accumulation of waste, trash, and debris. Longview Environmental Company complies with local health department guidelines and facility requirements.

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Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning

Why You Should Maintain Your Restaurant Grease Traps Regularly

Grease traps and interceptors serve a crucial role in ensuring a safe and clean kitchen environment. Local health departments, environmental authorities, and wastewater agencies mandate their use to prevent excessive grease and used cooking oil waste from entering the city’s main sewer lines. These regulations are straightforward: keep unwanted grease out of the city’s plumbing.

Supporting Clean Kitchens

Properly installed grease traps, seamlessly integrated with your drain system, are essential for maintaining a pristine kitchen. They efficiently capture and contain grease, debris, and oil, ensuring your kitchen remains clean, sanitary, and free from offensive drain odors.

This not only meets stringent health department standards but also keeps you compliant with local regulations. Our preventative maintenance services are available for grocery markets, restaurants, hospitals, government buildings, schools, and various commercial kitchens.

Savings through Prevention

Blocked kitchen drain lines due to grease buildup can lead to costly emergency repairs and disruptions. For a thriving restaurant, institution, or any busy kitchen, this translates to financial losses, staff safety concerns, and potential customer retention issues. Neglecting preventative maintenance practices can even result in fines in certain cases.

Environmental Responsibility

Cleaning grease traps and interceptors offers significant environmental benefits. By effectively managing grease, these systems play a vital role in reducing pollution and keeping the environment clean. This not only safeguards your kitchen but also contributes to a healthier planet.

Upholding Sanitary Standards

We prioritize the highest sanitary standards by meticulously maintaining and cleaning grease traps. In many states, local laws mandate the installation of grease traps to protect municipal wastewater sewage systems. Regular preventative maintenance and servicing ensure cleanliness, promote safer kitchen operations, and contribute to environmental protection.

Grease traps and interceptors are vital for maintaining a clean and environmentally responsible kitchen. Compliance with regulations not only benefits your kitchen but also helps preserve our environment for future generations.

Why Hire Longview For Your Grease Trap Cleaning Needs

At Longview Environmental, we’ve been keeping kitchens spotless for a long time. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing exceptional service.

Next-Level Service

Our valued customers are our top priority. When it comes to getting the job done on-time, thoroughly and efficiently, our team is always ready for action. For your convenience, we operate around the clock, 24/7/365.

Well-Trained Technicians

Whether it’s a regular Friday afternoon or a hectic kitchen grease crisis, our highly trained technicians are equipped to handle any situation. We maintain a strict policy of ensuring that all our technicians are well-prepared and equipped to deliver top-notch service.

Professional Staff

Our staff sticks to a high code of conduct. Whether you’re speaking with our friendly dispatch team or welcoming our technicians to your location, you can expect a professional and ethical experience when it comes to grease trap cleaning.

Live Support Available

We offer live customer service 24/7/365. Our operators and technicians are standing by, ready to take your call in real-time. In other words, regardless of the time or hour, we’re here to help whenever you need us.

Cost-Effective Pricing

Longview Environmental provides preventative maintenance plans that include discounted pricing for multiple services. This helps you save money while ensuring your kitchen remains in top condition.

Prompt and Reliable Service

We understand the stress that comes with a clogged drain or overflowing grease trap. Emergency repairs can be expensive, and kitchen downtime is simply not an option. That’s why we’re committed to providing timely preventative maintenance services, ensuring your kitchen stays clean, sanitary, and odor-free. Our goal is to keep you in compliance with local health department, environmental, and wastewater regulations.

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Grease Trap & Interceptor Cleaning

Containers Vs. Traps Vs. Interceptors

Grease Containers

Grease containers are like the guardians of your used cooking oil and grease, keeping them safe until they can be properly taken care of. At Longview Environmental, we offer you some handy choices, such as lightweight plastic indoor eco tubs with wheels and strong lockable steel outdoor containers. And here’s the icing on the cake – we provide recurring pickups, and guess what? They’re absolutely FREE! To keep things crystal clear, we provide you with manifests and receipts, serving as proof that we’ve collected and recycled your grease responsibly.

Grease Traps

Grease traps, on the other hand, are relatively small in size, comparable to a microwave or a mini refrigerator. They’re like the first line of defense against greasy trouble in your kitchen. These traps can handle flow rates of 10 to 50 gallons per minute and work best in low-pressure water situations. Typically, you’ll find grease traps installed beneath or near the kitchen sinks and dishwashers of restaurants.

Since they’re on the smaller side, they need regular cleaning – either by your diligent employees daily or by specialized technicians monthly. The cleaning schedule depends on information like the grease trap’s size, the nature of the business, and local regulations. When employees regularly clean these traps, it helps prevent potential problems from popping up.

Grease trap’s and interceptors can be set up indoors under sinks, in floors, basements, or outdoors – either above ground or in the ground. Following these regulations ensures that your kitchen remains cleaner and safer.

Grease Interceptors

Grease interceptors, in contrast, are the big siblings of grease management. They can handle large flow rates of more than 50 gallons per minute, making them suitable for industrial or commercial kitchens. These heavyweights can even work efficiently in high-pressure water environments. Businesses that churn out food at high volumes often require outdoor interceptors in addition to indoor grease traps to tackle the substantial volumes of FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) flowing through their kitchen drains.

Due to their larger size and capacity, interceptors are usually placed outside a building or buried underground. They are known for occasionally producing unpleasant odors, especially if they haven’t been emptied or cleaned recently. Therefore, it’s best to position them away from areas where customers frequent. The good news is, because interceptors can hold more FOG, they don’t require as frequent cleaning as grease traps. Understanding these grease management tools ensures a smoother and safer kitchen environment for all.

Grease Trap Maintenance FAQs

At Longview, we offer grease trap cleaning services specially designed to clean and remove grease, oil, and debris from your grease traps and interceptors. We provide scheduled preventative maintenance services and are here for emergencies. Our goal is to maintain a regular schedule, keeping your kitchen running smoothly.

Our rates are competitive and depend on the size of your grease trap, its condition, and how often you need our services. We offer discounts for multiple locations, franchise groups, and even more savings when you combine our services with other preventative maintenance options.

Cleaning your grease trap or grease interceptor may sound daunting, but it’s essential for a smoothly running kitchen. Various methods can be employed, but the most common involves a professional service known as grease trap and interceptor pumping. Here’s how it works: First, an experienced technician inspects and removes the trap’s lid. Then, a specialized truck equipped with a hose comes into play. This hose is inserted into the trap, sucking out the F.O.G. (Fat, Oils, and Grease) and waste debris into the truck’s tank. Crucially, these collected contents are processed at certified waste facilities, ensuring responsible disposal. Lastly, you’ll receive a manifest as proof of the service.

Regularly cleaning your grease traps reaps several rewards for your kitchen. Firstly, it prevents clogs in your drains and pipes, saving you from costly repairs. Secondly, a clean trap maintains a kitchen that’s free of grease and grime, ensuring a healthier environment for your staff. Thirdly, it contributes to the longevity of your plumbing systems, keeping them in top-notch condition. Fourthly, it helps ward off those unpleasant kitchen odors. Fifthly, it ensures your facilities stay cleaner, promoting a better overall experience. And last but not least, it ensures your compliance with local regulations, saving you from potential fines.

On the flip side, neglecting regular trap pumping can lead to some nasty consequences. For starters, Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) can accumulate and clog your trap’s lines, resulting in waste backup within your building. This buildup of FOG can also attract unwanted guests like rodents and cockroaches, making your kitchen far from sanitary. Moreover, the FOG buildup can create those dreaded unpleasant odors that nobody wants in their kitchen. Lastly, exceeding the maximum allowable FOG levels can lead to hefty fines that can dent your budget.

Spotting the signs that your trap needs cleaning is crucial. Keep an eye out for floor drains slowing down or coming to a complete stop, as this can be an early indication. Another red flag is the presence of foul and offensive odors noticed by your staff. Remember that grease traps and interceptors are designed to operate at full capacity, so exceeding the FOG level beyond 25% can be a clear signal that cleaning is overdue.

When it comes to cleaning up your restaurant’s grease, different schools of thought exist. Some advocate proactive, regular cleaning, while others believe in servicing when drainage slowdowns and odors become offensive. Your decision should consider the grease trap’s size, the type of menu you offer, and your kitchen’s volume of activity.

In the realm of grease trap cleaning, some common pitfalls must be sidestepped. Firstly, failing to remove enough grease and oil from the trap can cause it to become full and inefficient, potentially impacting sewers or septic systems negatively. Secondly, improper disposal of grease and oil can lead to environmental pollution, something best avoided. Thirdly, neglecting frequent cleaning can lead to a troublesome buildup of grease and oil, creating complications. Lastly, insufficient trap maintenance can result in an excessive accumulation of grease and oil, causing problems down the line. Understanding and practicing the right approach to grease trap maintenance will keep your kitchen running smoothly and your business in compliance with regulations while avoiding unpleasant consequences.

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