Used Cooking Oil Recycling & Reliable Oil Collection Services

If you are looking for a reliable service to help pick up your used cooking oil, our team is here to help. We’re experts in handling all your grease disposal and recycling needs. Count on our professional technicians for timely and reliable removal of kitchen grease.

Kitchen Grease Recycling & Removal Services

Are you the owner or manager of a bustling restaurant? If so, you probably know that running a restaurant kitchen means using cooking oils for a variety of delicious dishes, from crispy fries to mouthwatering fried chicken. However, there’s one challenge that comes with this culinary artistry: what to do with all that used cooking oil.

Used cooking oil, often referred to as ‘UCO,’ can quickly become a messy headache in a busy kitchen. To keep your kitchen running efficiently, it’s vital to figure out the best way to handle and get rid of it.

When cooking oils are not managed correctly, they can cause all sorts of problems. They might become a safety hazard, block your kitchen drains, or create unsanitary conditions that could harm your restaurant’s reputation and operation. But don’t worry, we have a solution that can make your life easier and your kitchen cleaner: the professional services offered by Longview Environmental. We specialize in used cooking oil collection and recycling, and we’re here to help you!

Our service is designed to make your life smoother and more convenient. We understand that every restaurant has its unique needs and schedules, so we offer a flexible and reliable service tailored just for you. We can arrange regular grease pickups, and we even have an amazing recycling program and oil rebate

By choosing Longview Environmental, you not only keep your kitchen clean and safe, but you also play a role in preserving our environment. We believe in making the world a greener place, one restaurant at a time. service. So, if you’re ready to start your service with us, give us a call today. Together, we can keep your kitchen running smoothly and contribute to a cleaner, greener world for everyone. Call us today!

Used Oil Recycling Service Process

We understand that every business is unique, so we’re here to cater to your needs. Whether your kitchen needs pickups every day or once a week, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to not only meet but exceed your expectations. If you have any questions or specific needs, we’re here to provide answers and craft custom solutions just for your business.


Getting started with us is a breeze. You can sign up on the very same day! Just reach out to us by either filling out our Request Service form or giving us a quick call. If you’re switching from another provider, don’t worry, we’ve streamlined the process in order to make it simple and hassle-free.


We’ve got your cooking oil pickup needs covered. Depending on how much oil your kitchen goes through, we’ll arrange to deliver your free oil container within just a couple of days. Once your setup is ready, we’ll work with you to create a convenient oil pickup schedule that suits your kitchen perfectly.


Our used cooking oil collection systems are designed with your convenience in mind. They create an automated schedule for picking up grease, making your life easier. The best part? You don’t need your employees to get involved, and there’s no need for anyone to enter your building to make it happen.


When you choose Longview Environmental for your restaurant’s used cooking oil removal, we’re committed to keeping your operation running smoothly. But remember, we’re just a call away for any questions or issues you may encounter. We’re here to provide support whenever you need it.

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Busy Kitchens need effective grease management & removal

Restaurant Liquid Waste Removal & Disposal

Running a busy kitchen is a demanding task, and managing cooking oil disposal can be challenging. Neglecting routine maintenance, like cleaning grease traps and maintaining deep fryers, can lead to unhealthy and unsafe conditions in your kitchen. In addition, it may put you at risk of violating environmental and health regulations.

Recycling Used Cooking Oil ensures a Healthy and Safe Kitchen

Our cooking oil collection and recycling services are here to help you maintain a safe and healthy kitchen environment. Used cooking oil, or “UCO,” requires careful disposal to avoid issues like clogged pipes. You can pour used oil down a drain with water or without and it will still be a mess that clogs pipes.

With our efficient cooking oil recycling systems, your kitchen will stay clean and compliant. Our professional technicians work on your schedule, offering flexibility and customizable pick-up frequency.

Efficient Cooking Oil Waste Management is better for the Environment

Mishandled cooking oil not only harms your kitchen but can also have a negative impact on the environment. Improperly managed cooking oil can clog drains and damage sewage systems, leading to pollution.

Our restaurant grease container disposal and recycling services ensure that waste cooking oil is disposed of properly. We refine your used cooking oil through a specialized process, transforming it into biodiesel, animal feed, or other sustainable products. This not only prevents clogs in your pipes but also contributes to a cleaner environment. By choosing our services, you’re making a sustainable choice that benefits both your kitchen and the planet. Say goodbye to conventional waste disposal methods and hello to a greener, healthier future.

Why We Make A Reliable Partner in Commercial Grease Pickup

At Longview Environmental, we are dedicated to delivering the highest level of service when it comes to oil collection and recycling. What sets us apart from the competition is our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service. Over the years, we have earned the trust of countless restaurants and commercial kitchens, making us their number-one choice.

Our approach is all about making your life easier. We understand the challenges of managing a busy kitchen, which is why we offer hassle-free and highly customizable services and provide valuable resources. We take the extra step to ensure your oil containers are never overfilled, providing you with peace of mind regarding the proper disposal of used cooking oil. Whether you require regular pickups or find yourself in an emergency situation, we are here to lighten your load and answer your questions promptly.

We Provide Expert Waste Oil Handling & Removal

Our team of professional technicians and staff members has a wealth of experience in safely handling used frying oil. When you choose Longview Environmental, you are enlisting the expertise of highly trained and licensed personnel who meticulously follow all government and environmental regulations on site.

Safety and cleanliness are our top priorities. We go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction and the proper recycling of your used cooking oil collection. With us, we provide reliable options to manage your grease on a consistent, reliable, and flexible service that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. We are your trusted partner in maintaining a clean and safe kitchen environment.

Industry Leading Oil Rebates

We are not just a service company; we are committed to providing complete oil collection systems that benefit both the environment and our valued customers. As part of our dedication, we offer enticing oil rebate incentives.

When you choose to entrust us with your used fryer oil, you will receive special rebate offers as a token of our appreciation. These offers are designed not only to reward your commitment to recycling but also to encourage responsible disposal practices. It’s our way of saying thank you for partnering with us in making a positive impact on the environment.

Service Tailored to Your Kitchens Needs

No matter the size or scale of your commercial or industrial kitchen or restaurant, we have the capabilities to accommodate your unique requirements. We understand that the needs of each kitchen vary, and we work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction remains unaffected by the size of your operation.

Our goal is to prevent your oil container from ever reaching its limit, eliminating the need for you to call us for pickups. Our highly trained technicians and staff members are committed to delivering exceptional service consistently and with efficiency. Whether you operate a cozy restaurant or a large commercial kitchen with multiple fryers or drums, you can count on us to provide the same level of excellence. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are dedicated to meeting your needs, no matter how big or small your business may be.

Grease management & removal in the kitchen restaurant
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You can reach out to us by giving us a call, or if you prefer, just fill out our Request Service form. Either way, someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly to get your service started. Your journey to a greener kitchen starts today!

Used Cooking Oil Collection for Restaurants making doughnuts

Reliable Used Cooking Oil Collection Services

At Longview Environmental, we believe in keeping things simple, reliable, and flexible to cater to your business needs. Our mission is to make the entire process as easy and straightforward as possible. We’re here to provide solutions and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Getting in Touch with Us

Contacting us is a breeze. You can reach us anytime at (714) 925-2130, or if you prefer a hassle-free approach, you can request our service by filling out a form here. We’ve streamlined the process to ensure it’s user-friendly, whether you’re trying our service for the first time or transitioning from another provider.

Customizing Your Schedule

Tailoring our services to your needs is our priority. You can discuss your preferred pickup schedule with us, whether it’s five days a week or 2-3 days a week. We’re always ready to adjust to your requirements. Depending on the volume of oil you use in your restaurant, we’ll provide you with a free container of the appropriate size, either for indoor or outdoor use.

Flexible Oil Pickup Service

Our goal is to help you establish and maintain a regular schedule for grease pickup that suits your kitchen’s needs. We can increase the frequency of pickups or come only when you need us. Typically, our driver will have already collected the oil container or replaced it with an empty unit. If you ever wish to change the pickup frequency, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our aim is to ensure your satisfaction and provide a seamless, hassle-free experience.

Emergency Assistance

We’re here to assist you in any situation. Sometimes, your container may fill up sooner than expected due to unique circumstances. If you require our cooking oil collection and recycling service earlier than your scheduled pickup, simply give us a call. Our team can quickly collect the used cooking oil, ensuring your kitchen stays operational without a hitch. Your convenience and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Restaurant Grease Removal FAQs

If you own a commercial kitchen or restaurant in the city, you’re probably familiar with the constant use of cooking oil. Depending on your menu, you might use it frequently. However, after frying, what’s left behind is used cooking oil, also known as “UCO.” This oil is no longer suitable for cooking and is often contaminated, hence the name “yellow grease.”

Properly disposing of or recycling this contaminated cooking oil is essential. Pouring it down the drain not only clogs pipes but also harms the environment when it ends up in sewers. Additionally, it can create unsanitary and hazardous conditions in your kitchen. To handle this situation effectively and responsibly, it’s advisable to enlist the services of trained professionals like ours who specialize in cooking oil collection and recycling.

Our process is straightforward. When you hire us, we provide you with a free oil container unit. You pour your used cooking oils into this container. Depending on how quickly it fills up, we schedule a pickup service for your restaurant. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

By utilizing our service for disposing of used cooking oil, you contribute to a greener environment and cleaner water. How does it work? It’s simple! When you choose us, you ensure that used cooking oil doesn’t harm drain pipes or sewers, thus preventing environmental damage. But that’s not all! We actively recycle and repurpose your used cooking oil, transforming it into useful and sustainable products like biodiesel and animal feed. By using our service, you play a part in creating a greener and better environment through clean energy.

We are an environmentally conscious service provider. We offer incentives and rewards to encourage people to adopt greener and more environmentally friendly practices for disposing of their used cooking oil. Oil rebate offers are special deals available to some of our clients. Essentially, with an oil rebate the business gets paid for the used cooking oil you supply. This is not only beneficial financially speaking, but also makes environmentally responsible disposal an easier choice.

Yes, it’s certainly possible to handle this task independently. However, there’s a significant difference between doing it yourself and entrusting an established business that specializes in it. When you choose us, you not only receive compensation for your used cooking oil, but you also avoid the additional costs associated with recycling and storage. We are here to help guide and direct our customers to the services they need specifically for the kitchens operations and requirements

You can have an oil container installed inside and request that we pick up and remove up the used cooking oil prior to the container filling up. However, using our service is often more beneficial and cost-effective for your business.

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